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Blue Book traineeship programme.

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An unforgettable experience.

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Hello! My name is Garvita Sethi, and I am from one of the most diverse countries in the world – India.

I have a Masters of Laws degree from King’s College London. Before joining the European Commission, I worked at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India in New Delhi. 

I wanted to work at the Commission because gaining experience in two major jurisdictions, that is, India and Europe, would hone my skills in myriad methods of working. I believe it provides a strong foundation to a career in international and European law. Each day here brings new learnings and exciting opportunities.  

Working at the Commission is prestigious and inspirational for everyone and even more so, for a person belonging to a lesser represented group, a non-EU national like myself – you tend to stand out and bring diversity. It is definitely an unforgettable experience.