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“Blue Book” traineeship programme

Athina's testimonial

Challenging, Interesting, fast-paced environment.

smiling girl with long dark hair
Country of origin
  • Greece

"My traineeship at the Frontex Situation Centre offered more than just technical skills and knowledge.

It allowed me to cultivate a range of essential qualities. One such quality is flexibility, which I observed and practised within the dynamic environment of the FSC.

Operating in a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, the Frontex Situation Centre necessitates its staff to swiftly adapt to new situations and tasks.

Throughout my traineeship, I learned to embrace change and maintain adaptability in order to respond effectively to evolving circumstances. Also, as a trainee at Horizontal Coordination team, I witnessed the unwavering dedication of the FSC personnel, who tirelessly ensured the accurate monitoring and prompt response to external border situations.

This dedication served as a profound inspiration, fostering within me a strong work ethic and a proactive mindset towards my assigned tasks."