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“Blue Book” traineeship programme

Kezia's testimonial

Memorable, Eye-opening, Professional, Inclusive

smiling lady with short dark hair
Country of origin
  • Indonesia

"My name is Kezia Dewi, and I'm from Indonesia. I'm interested in the European Commission, which began 9 years ago on Europe Day. I am inspired by European values and would like to learn more about the institution.

In my final year of my Ph.D., I applied for a Blue Book traineeship. This traineeship provided me with direct knowledge of the inner workings of EU institutions. This is an incredible experience for a non-EU citizen. The European Commission's inclusiveness is something I really like. I also gain skills that will help me in my professional career as an architect, urbanist, and researcher.

Last but not least, this training provided me with the opportunity to meet new people from all around Europe and beyond."