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“Blue Book” traineeship programme

Carlos's testimonial

Far-reaching, enthralling, bedazzling and challenging

young man with EU flag
Country of origin
  • Ecuador

"Thanks to my five months at DG-CNECT, G3 Web Accessibility, Multilingualism and Safer Internet in Luxembourg , I could not only widen the scope of my EU-policies knowledge, but also got to deploy key skills which will certainly further and boost my professional career in the future.

The traineeship is a multitasking, challenging, fast-paced but thrilling experience which enables you to tackle with a great deal of last-minute situations.

Aside from having been a trainee, I was elected Vice-President of the Trainees Committee and got to also sit a CAST exam which I successfully passed and thanks to which I was offered to be Assistant to the Head of Unit, a position which will certainly contribute to thrive my professional path in the EU Institutions.

Mental endurance, hard-work and self-belief will get you there where you're aiming to be."