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“Blue Book” traineeship programme

Olga's testimonial

Highly multicultural and professionally stimulating institution, but also a very inclusive and tolerant workplace.

trainee in a wheelchair
Country of origin
  • Poland

"As a current Blue Book trainee, I can confirm that the European Commission is not only a highly multicultural and professionally stimulating institution but also a very inclusive and tolerant workplace.

Indeed, my colleagues have always been very helpful and show a lot of empathy towards me.

Having a chance to work with extremely open-minded people, I feel really motivated and eager to develop personally by acquiring unique skills and new abilities.

Thanks to my traineeship experience, I’ve learned that the barriers exist only in our heads and that the world without unfair prejudices and false stereotypes truly exists: it’s called the EU! Dare to discover it in spite of your limitations, and you won’t regret it!"