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“Blue Book” traineeship programme

Krusha's testimonial

Educational, fruitful, daring, opportunity

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Country of origin
  • Belgium

"I am sure that the things that I have learned at my Blue Book Traineeship are so unique, I wouldn't have learned them anywhere else. Both skills in media business and social skills were taught.

Working with the EU institution tools was very interesting. My horizons were broadened at EACEA as I got to learn the behind-the-scenes of journalism partnerships, media literacy, combatting fake news, media and film funding, AI and innovation, etc.

I am grateful I got to experience the way the European Commission and its executive agencies function on firsthand.

I am also thankful my network got to expand and I have met and got to know so many great people, especially the other trainees. Not only my experience, but theirs have taught me so much.

Professional advice from all the guest speakers at webinars, infosessions, but even my own Head of Sector has always been much appreciated.

The workload was rough sometimes, but I have received this opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, therefore, I am still grateful I was a part of the M23 Brussels Blue Book Trainee journey."